About - Christopher|F Photography
image Welcome to Christopher|F Photography! I am Christopher Foltz, a wedding, lifestyle, and commercial photographer around the Chicago area. I have a unique style and look to my photography and love to shoot in both natural light and using flashes.

My love for photography came from wanting to capture moments in my life with my love, my wife Colleen. She is the one who pushes me and supports me. She makes me laugh (though I won't always admit it to her) and keeps me achieving heights she always knew I could reach. Plus she has an excellent eye, sometimes she even joins me on shoots! Thank You for being You!

I love to create a unique experience for my clients and want your photos to represent that. From making you feel comfortable in front of the camera to catching you and your love at the right moment, it will be like being with an old friend. It will fun experience that will end with you having creative and personal image photographs that will provide a wonderful way to share your story. We love the beautiful wedding portraits, but I always get the biggest smile when I go through the photographs and see those real moments of the couple being themselves. Its those moments I love to give to a couple.

I love guitars, architecture, and everything creative. In my personal shoots I try to encompass my passions and show a unique way to look at things. The city of Chicago has been a huge influence and I love city shoots as well as being out in nature. So take a look around, contact me to talk about anything and everything photography and any questions you might have!

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